Taking Care Of You

Steps for ministry leaders and everyone else.
*Tip 1-Daily Retreats-small breaks, deep breath, exhale slow, 5 minute walk.
*Tip 2-Rest-Get sufficient rest each night.
*Tip 3-Nutrition – eat a balanced diet – lean meats, fruits, veggies, drink plenty of water.
*Tip 4-Exercise-regular physical activity reduces the effects of stress. Try a 30 minute walk each day.
*Tip 5-Connect with God-daily time in the Bible, prayer, devotion. Allow time for personal reflection.
*Tip 6-Get Organized-set a realistic daily schedule that includes rest, relationship/family and fun.
*Tip 7-Slow Down-always on the run? Don’t schedule too many things in one day, plan your time efficiently.
*Tip 8-Say No-Don’t accept every invitation/opportunity. Allowing someone else to serve helps you and them.
*Tip 9-Reach Out – Talk To Your Friends-Talking with others helps relieve stress

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