Mental Break

Work-life balance needed for recovery from job stress

Detaching from work–mentally, physically, and electronically–is the key to recovery from job stress during non work hours, according to Kansas State University researcher YoungAh Park, assistant professor of Psychology.

“Research has shown that employees who unwind from work stress during off-work times are better at showing proactive behaviors to solve problems and are more engaged in their work,” Park said. “In the long term, ensuring employee recovery from job stress by detaching themselves from work is beneficial for sustaining employees’ well-being and job performance capabilities.”

Taking Care Of You

Steps for ministry leaders and everyone else.
*Tip 1-Daily Retreats-small breaks, deep breath, exhale slow, 5 minute walk.
*Tip 2-Rest-Get sufficient rest each night.
*Tip 3-Nutrition – eat a balanced diet – lean meats, fruits, veggies, drink plenty of water.
*Tip 4-Exercise-regular physical activity reduces the effects of stress. Try a 30 minute walk each day.
*Tip 5-Connect with God-daily time in the Bible, prayer, devotion. Allow time for personal reflection.
*Tip 6-Get Organized-set a realistic daily schedule that includes rest, relationship/family and fun.
*Tip 7-Slow Down-always on the run? Don’t schedule too many things in one day, plan your time efficiently.
*Tip 8-Say No-Don’t accept every invitation/opportunity. Allowing someone else to serve helps you and them.
*Tip 9-Reach Out – Talk To Your Friends-Talking with others helps relieve stress