Strengthened & encouraged ministry leaders will lead to stronger marriages & families, stronger churches & ministries and greater Kingdom work.


“Life Recovered is a ministry that is an answer to many  prayers. I have struggled for years with purity issues, but it wasn’t until I connected with Life Recovered that I began to believe I could overcome this through Christ. My mentor, now friend, is always an encouragement in the battle. I leave every session ready to continue fighting to be a better man, ministry leader, and husband.”




I became a slave to addiction even before I was a teenager. It prevented me from making friends and experiencing the life God had for me. In fact, it felt like there was a dense fog in between me and my Creator. When I had nowhere else to turn, God led me to Life Recovered. I was shown how to stop that fog machine at its source and begin fighting back. I am experiencing life like never before, truly living and loving God and the people around me.”

When our pastor died tragically two years ago, Jimmy stepped in and ministered to the needs of our church staff and our congregation.  God has given Jimmy a heart for hurting people and the unique gift to help people work through their pain from a biblical perspective.  At the heart of Jimmy’s ministry is an understanding that only Christ can satisfy our deepest needs.”